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How lintels help in buildings.

Lintels play a crucial role in construction by offering structural support over openings such as doors and windows. Their primary function is to bear the load from the structure above and evenly distribute it to the adjoining vertical supports, usually the walls on either side of the opening. By doing so, lintels prevent sagging or collapse, ensuring the stability and integrity of the structure. They serve as horizontal bridges that span across openings, allowing for the creation of architectural features without compromising the overall strength of the building. Commonly constructed from materials like reinforced concrete, steel, or wood, lintels contribute significantly to the safety and stability of buildings.

How Firma can help

At Firma we offer stainless steel lintels for typical housing types or specialised use. Having recently been involved in the design and manufacturing of the lintels and several other components for Silvertown Tunnel, an engineering masterpiece by Riverlinx. There is more details about the project here on Riverlinx’s website Silvertown Tunnel — Riverlinx and how Firma played their part The Silvertown Tunnel project – Firma.

For any help with bespoke or standard lintel solutions, please get in touch with one of our friendly team who will be happy to help at 01603722330.

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