The Silvertown Tunnel project

Firma supplied stainless steel masonry support and lintels for Riverlinx buildings on the Silvertown tunnel project.

The Silvertown Tunnel is a new road under the River Thames spanning 1.4km, connecting North Greenwich to Silvertown.

Construction crews have been hard at work on both sites flanking the river, and they have made remarkable progress. The sites are now bustling with activity and are well-established.
They plan to complete the project in 2025, and it will be the first new crossing to the east of Tower Bridge since the Dartford Crossing.
The Tunnel will have dedicated lanes for buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles.

When designing the masonry support we had to pay close attention to the way that some areas of the Greenwich portal building required curved lintels.
This meant that we had to design and fabricate these curved lintels especially for this project.

Coordinating the production of stainless steel wind posts and cavity trays required collaboration with the architect, contractor, and sub-contractor. A quick turn around from the date of approval was also needed because of the lengthy design process

We had to scope out stainless steel single leaf and heavy duty leaf lintels for the project. We marked them up based on structural calculations to meet specific requirements.

Featured photo credit: Riverlinx CJV