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What are Fixings and Wall ties?

When we marvel at the towering structures around our cities, we often overlook the intricate systems that hold them together. Among these fixings are fixings and wall ties, the bones that hold the masonry support together.

Fixings and wall ties play a pivotal role in providing structural support, These components are responsible for securing various elements of a building together such as ensuring that the structure remains strong and resistant to external forces such as wind, seismic activity, and the weight of the building itself.

While fixings and wall ties may seem like small components compared to the massive walls they support, their significance cannot be underestimated. Proper installation is essential to ensure that these elements function effectively throughout the lifespan of the building. Any installation errors can compromise the structural integrity of the building, which could lead to catastrophic consequences.

How can Firma help?

At Firma we have a strong subcontracting background meaning that we understand the problems subcontractors face on the construction sites, and the impact that waiting time can have on any project, this is why we aim to make the installation of our products as simple as possible, and we can help assist you with; batched deliveries to suit your schedule and risk assessments & Method statements.

Any questions you have, or if you have any project enquiries for us then please drop us an email at sales@firma.co.uk or phone us on 01603 722 330.

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