The Great North Road Project

The Great North Road project is a group of 8 residential flats in north London built by Mode construction services ltd.

Following negotiations and securing of the contract, Firma were able to push this element of works straight into design. Working off of dwgs from the structural steel sub contractor masonry support was designed to be fitted to the steelwork already installed. Design was carried out in our 3 dimensional solid works design package to ensure that corner and end details integrated seamlessly with the steelwork design.

Using blindbolts for fixing the masonry support brackets to the steelwork (pictured below), the high masonry loads were achieved based on the required cavities on site. Brick ties have to be installed to a minimum of 300mm above the level of the support tray. In this instance this 300mm height was in line with the steelwork making it difficult to fix the ties to the structure. The brackets were therefore designed to incorporate brick ties for connecting into the brickwork within two courses above the tray height.